I want to sublet my apartment for the summer (or winter) break. How do I get started?

First, you’ll need to find your own subtenant. You can advertise on the OCHA Housing Registry to find a subtenant.

Can I sublet to someone who is not a Columbia student?

Yes, you can sublet to someone who is not affiliated with Columbia. In fact, the CU-Managed Sublets tab in the OCHA Registry is open to the general public to search, with no login required. Remember to screen people carefully as you may be contacted by someone who is not affiliated with Columbia.

               Is there any paperwork required to sublet?

The application is now online! You can apply online from My Housing Portal once you’ve selected a subtenant.  Be sure to read the Sublet Guidelines.

How much rent can I charge?

You may charge your subtenant up to 10% more than your rent as an optional furniture rental fee.

Should I take a security deposit?

Yes, we strongly suggest that you take a security deposit from your subtenant as your protection in case of damage, unpaid utilities, cleaning, etc. Columbia does not get involved with your subtenant’s deposit. The amount of the security deposit you can take can range from a few hundred dollars to one month’s rent. Be prepared to refund the deposit at the end of the sublet.

How does my subtenant pay me?

If you pay your rent to the University by the semester, your only option is to have your subtenant pay you directly. If you pay your rent by the month, you have the option of your subtenant paying your rent for you. Be sure to check the Direct Payment box when entering your sublet online. You are still the tenant-of-record and the rent bills will remain in your name, not the subtenant’s, even when you are subletting.

              Is the application a Sublet Agreement?

No, and we recommend that you make a separate written agreement with your subtenant to clarify payment of utilities, move in/move out instructions, furniture included, etc. 

 How long does it take to get the sublet application approved?

Please allow 3 business days for the application to be processed and approved. You will receive an automated email when the sublet has been approved, which you can forward to your subtenant.

What do we do after the sublet is approved?

 Once you have received the approval email, go to My Housing Portal to print out the signature page which has the subtenant’s photo, and give it to your building superintendent within twenty-four hours of moving in. Please advise your subtenant to have a photo ID available if requested. Make your own arrangements to get the keys to your subtenant as Columbia employees do not get involved with keys for subtenants.