Moving Out

Moving Out of your UAH Unit

Failure to provide proper and timely notice of your move out may cause you to continue to remain liable for payment of rent and may result in a financial penalty. You are billed until all personal items are removed and keys are returned to your superintendent.

Important Instructions

  • Notify UAH via My Housing Portal. Log in and select the "Moving Out" tab
  • Contact your superintendent to discuss your building's specific move-out procedure
    *Lionsgate (520 West 112th Street) tenants must follow procedures outlined in the
    Lionsgate Move In/Move Out Guidelines
  • Remove all personal belongings from the unit
  • Clean unit: empty refrigerators and cabinets, remove all trash and sweep all floors
  • File your forwarding address with the United States Postal Service 
  • If applicable, officially disconnect utilities with Con Edison and cable services with Spectrum
  • Return all keys to your superintendent before 4 PM on the day you move out. You will be billed until the day keys are returned

Additional Information

Moving Hours

Move outs and key returns should be scheduled during business hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM (excluding holidays). Please note, move outs and key returns that happen outside of business hours will result in a charge of $50 per hour.


If you would like to schedule an inspection of your unit before you move out, please contact your superintendent directly.


If you are transferring from one UAH unit to another, UAH will create a move out notice on your behalf; you do not need to create one yourself.

You will receive the keys for the new unit on the day you sign your new housing agreement, and you will have until 4pm on the following business day to remove your belongings from the previous unit and return the keys to the superintendent.

Billing for the previous unit will end on that date, and billing for the new unit will begin on the following day.

Breaking Your Housing Agreement

Student housing contracts may be broken without penalty for the following reasons:

  • Your affiliation is expiring
  • You will be taking an approved leave of absence
  • You will be transferring to another UAH unit
If you are moving out for any other reason, contact the UAH office to determine if any charges or penalties apply.

Security Deposits

If you live in a SFS-billed unit, the reservation fee you paid to accept your housing offer was credited to your student account when you moved in. If you paid a security deposit for a leased unit, it will be refunded in accordance with the terms of your lease and mailed to your forwarding address 6-8 weeks after you move out. 

Reapplying for Housing

If you would like to apply for housing in the future, you must submit a new application through your housing portal. Kindly note, housing is not guaranteed for continuing students.