UAH Billing

University Apartment Housing Student Billing


Beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year, all students who have accepted an offer for UAH will now be billed via contract through SFS.

Returning students originally issued monthly leases through the Controller's Office have the option of continuing to be billed through the Controller's Office for the remainder of their tenancy in their current unit, or to switch to a contract billed through SFS.  

The default billing method for SFS contracts is per-semester. The semester rental charge will typically appear on the first billing statement for that term, and payment for the full semester is due during the first billing cycle.

UAH also offers a monthly billing option for Columbia housing charges. Students who choose this option will see a monthly housing charge applied to their student account in the first week of every month, and payments must be made in accordance with SFS policies. Students may choose this option by completing the monthly billing opt-in form at the time of move-in or by emailing

The benefits of billings via SFS Contract include:
  • Several payment options, including online check, wire transfer and in-person
  • A $1,000 pre-payment credited against the first semester's bill instead of a full month's rent as a security deposit
  • Ability to manage all University financial obligations in an accessible online account
If you have questions about this new process or any other billing issue, please contact UAH at or 212-854-9300