Wait List

Housing Wait List  

The Fall 2018 wait list will open in August 2018.

Our goal is to house as many students as quickly as possible. If you no longer are in need of housing, please contact us immediately. As a reminder, availability is limited and an assignment through the wait list cannot be guaranteed. For more information on resources available through our Off Campus Housing Assistance program, see the OCHA section of our website.

The wait list housing process begins after regular housing assignments are made. The purpose of the wait list is to offer housing to:

  • Students not approved for a housing allocation;
  • New students who applied for housing after their schools' deadlines, or;
  • New students who declined or failed to respond to an offer of accommodation and later reapplied for housing.

Units offered to students on the wait list are those that become available after the regular housing assignment process. Wait list numbers are arranged in consecutive order based on the date the housing application was received. As housing becomes available, assignments are made in order of wait list number and by category.

As many waitlisted students secure housing outside of UAH, our goal is to only offer housing to those who are still in need. Housing can only be offered to students who have activated housing applications for the current term.

Housing availability is limited and we cannot guarantee that all waitlisted students will be offered housing. 

Updating and Activating Your Housing Application

Waitlisted students still in need of housing will need to activate their housing applications. Instructions will be emailed to applicants in July. Based on responses, your wait list number and category, along with detailed information on the wait list process, will be emailed to you a few weeks later.

For more information on eligibility, see this link.

Wait List Eligibility

Housing through the wait list is available to all full-time students in housing eligible programs in the following schools:

  • Graduate schools located on the Morningside Heights campus
  • General Studies

Student housing is limited to a maximum of five years from the date of first enrollment in the program at Columbia or for the duration of the program (whichever is shorter). Students first registered prior to 2014 are not eligible for wait list housing. American Language Program students are also not eligible for housing through the wait list.

Wait List Application/Placement

If you are a new student whose housing application is not approved by your school or if your application was received after your school's deadline, an email will be sent by UAH office notifying you that you have been placed on the wait list with instructions on how to activate your application

If you are a new student who declined or failed to respond to your housing offer or a continuing student, you must submit a new Housing Application in accordance with the stated deadlines to be placed on the wait list. You will be placed in the category of "continuing." Students who apply for housing after the first term of their program are also considered "continuing."

The wait list categories are broken down into the following: 

  • New Male/New Female
  • New Couple
  • New Family
  • Continuing Male/Continuing Female
  • Continuing Couple
  • Continuing Family 

For the fall wait list housing periods, UAH will send housing assignments via email through mid September, depending on availability. For spring, assignments are typically made through the end of February, depending on availability. 

Each semester new wait lists are generated and any student interested in wait list housing must file a new housing application.