Wait List

Housing Waitlist  

The Fall 2018 waitlist will open in August 2018. 

To better meet our goal of housing as many students as quickly as possible, the UAH waitlist process has changed as of July 2018.
Students with active housing applications will be automatically added to the waitlist. Those who apply after the waitlist period has begun for that semester will automatically be placed on the waitlist.
August 1 Active applications added to Fall 2018 wait list 
August 6 First round of waitlist offers
Students on the waitlist are placed into two categories -- new and continuing. New students are incoming students starting their first semester who have not previously applied for housing. Continuing students are those who began their programs in previous semesters, or incoming students who have reapplied for housing.

New students receive priority. The first week of waitlist rounds is open to new students only. In the second and any subsequent weeks during the waitlist period, continuing students may also participate in waitlist rounds.
Should you no longer need housing, please retract your housing application on the housing portal to remove yourself from the waitlist. 

Waitlist Guidelines

Participants in the UAH Waitlist will receive emails from uah@columbia.edu and uah@cuf.columbia.edu. You must mark these as known email addresses so that you are able to receive waitlist emails from UAH. Otherwise, waitlist emails may be blocked or undeliverable, and you will not be able to participate.

  • Waitlist rounds are held each Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern during the waitlist period. 
  • UAH will email all new students on the waitlist with a list of available units.
  • Responses must be received by 3:00 PM Eastern to be considered for that round.
  • Only the first response received will be counted. If the response is missing information or contains inaccurate information, it will not be counted. Responses must include the full address and apartment number for the requested unit. Additional entries will not be considered.
  • Those who respond will be assigned to available units on a first-come, first-served basis. Reassignments will not be accommodated.
  • Single students may request a roommate only if the requested roommate is also active on the waitlist. Units with multiple rooms available will be prioritized for students who have requested one another as roommates.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time to receive an offer.
  • Students who receive a housing offer will have until 11:59 PM Eastern the following day to accept or decline the offer.
  • Additional details about the housing unit will not be provided. The only information available about the unit will be included in the unit list.
  • If an offer expires or is declined, students must reapply to be considered on the continuing student waitlist.
  • Continuing students will be able to participate in waitlist rounds beginning the second week of the waitlist period.
  • While UAH bases waitlist assignments on self-selection, we must also take into account the needs of the unit. As such, requests for specific units cannot be guaranteed.
  • Offers expiration dates cannot be extended
  • FURNITURE: Units listed as furnished cannot be unfurnished or vice versa. If you select and are assigned a furnished apartment, you may not remove or alter any of the furnishings, fixtures, appliances or locks provided by UAH.
  • ETHERNET: High-speed wired internet access is available in select UAH buildings. 
  • MOVE IN DATE: Units will not be available for move in prior to the date listed
  • All UAH units are billed by semester.
  • Students who do not receive an offer may participate in future waitlist rounds as long as their housing applications remain active.
Housing availability is limited and we cannot guarantee that all waitlisted students will receive an offer.
Each semester, new waitlists are generated. Interested students must submit a new application to be considered for that semester's waitlist.