24-Hour & Commuter Parking Application

24-Hour & Commuter Parking Application

Please use this form to request ongoing 24-hour or commuter parking only.

Morningside Garages
Full-time Columbia faculty and administrators Grade 14 and above who live north of West 96th Street and south of West 145th Street or who live in University housing are potentially eligible for University 24-hour parking. Full-time Columbia faculty and administrators Grade 14 and above who live outside of Manhattan are potentially eligible for University commuter parking. 

Arbor Garage
All residents of the Arbor, including post-doctoral officers of research and graduate students, are eligible for parking in the Arbor Garage.

Interchurch Center Garage
As per Interchurch Center policy, spaces there are only available to those working in the building, and accordingly eligibility for assignment to this garage is limited to faculty and administrators with University-leased offices in Interchurch Center.

For more information, please visit our General Information page.  

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