Commuter Parking for Adjunct Faculty - Summer 2018 Semester

Commuter Parking for Adjunct Faculty
Summer 2018 Semester

Daytime parking is generally provided in the IAB garage located on West 118th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive. Faculty with evening classes beginning after 4 pm may request parking in the ETG garage located at Amsterdam Avenue and West 119th Street.

The following is required to process an application:

  • Vehicle Registration(s)
  • Class schedule
  • Check payable to Columbia University for the appropriate fee (see below)
  • Departmental authorization for additional days, if applicable
  • Departmental authorization form, if applicable

Documents may be mailed to Columbia University Residential Finance and Parking, 410 West 118th Street, B-230 East Campus, New York, NY 10027, faxed to (212) 854-2891, or emailed to

If your parking fee is charged to your department, you must include the signed Departmental Authorization Form as noted above.  Parking paid by a department is considered additional compensation and will be included in your calendar-year Form W-4 or Form 1099 if you are not on the University payroll.

Parking is available on the day(s) that you teach and/or have office hours. Requests for parking for additional days must be made in writing from the Department Chair to the University Parking Committee and must accompany this application.

Summer Semester 2018 Parking Fees

Tag Deposit: $50 (new parkers only)

Full-time parking: $684.50

Part-time parking:
3 days/week- $512.27, 2 days/week- $373.41, 1 day/week- $241.84

Personal Information
Home Address Information
Columbia Information
Parking Requirements
Vehicle Information
Vehicle 1
Vehicle 2