Charging of Employee Parking to a University Account

Authorization to Charge Employee Ongoing Parking to a University Account 

Administrator's Information (Not Parker)
Parker Information
ARC Chartfield Information
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Note: Garage rent cannot be charged to certain grants (e.g., ARC projects with PC Business Unit of “SPONS”).
Please note that every departmental payment of ongoing employee parking is reported to the Office of the Controller for review and determination as to whether it constitutes a taxable benefit under IRS regulations; please see IRS Publication 15-B for more information.
Billing Authorization
If the department authorizes coverage of parking expense on an ongoing basis, charges will be billed quarterly until the parker terminates use or the department notifies the Parking Office that it will no longer be funding the parking expense.  If the department is authorizing funding of parking only for a particular semester, the charges will be billed as a lump sum in advance.
DAF Information