Housing Resources

Housing Resources 

Online Resources

Naked ApartmentsStreeteasyZillowTrulia, and Hot Pads: Search the NYC Rental Network for thousands of rooms and apartments on any of these online real estate databases for sales and rentals, free of charge. Naked Apartments, Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads will tend to have a more expansive rental inventory of listings in the outer boroughs. Rooms for rent listings can be found on Naked Apartments, Trulia, and Hotpads. Search by neighborhood, no-fee, and pet-friendly. See how apartments are ranked, set up email notifications, read helpful articles, and get market reports.

NY Bits: Detailed lists of "no fee" rental buildings, management companies, condos, hotels and hostels, arranged by neighborhood. Also has neighborhood and borough information. 

Leasebreak: Free website where you can search for (or post) a short-term rental or take over someone else's lease. Receive helpful email notifications when new apartments are available.

Listings Project: listers advertise apartments, live/workspaces, rooms for rent, houses for rent and for sale, sublets, co-living, lease-takeovers, and swaps. Each lister is screened and no spaces with fees attached may post here. Updates are emailed every Wednesday and there is no cost to receive it.

Transparent.City: A dedicated "no fee" apartment platform where renters can save money on broker fees by being connected directly to management companies.

Renthop: Search NYC apartments by neighborhood, price, amenity, and more.

Gypsy Housing NYC: Advertise or search for available rooms and apartments in NYC.

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Real Estate Brokers

Broker fees range from 12-18%, typically 15% of the annual rent. Many brokers who list in the OCHA Housing Registry discount their fees to 12% of the annual rent or less. Outside of Manhattan, the fee may be even less, typically equal to one month's rent. If you are looking outside of Manhattan, we recommend using a local broker in your geographic area of interest.

Guarantor Services

Insurent Lease Guaranty: Search the building list by address to see which landlords accept Insurent.

The Guarantors Agency: For US residents, the guarantee typically costs around 4.75-7.5% of the annual rent. For non-US residents, the cost is typically around 7-10% of the annual rent.

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General Information about Renting and Landlord/Tenant Guides 

Housing NYC: New York City Rent Guidelines Board provides information on the housing market including resources for finding apartments, market data, landlord/tenant issues, rights and advice; email question and answer forum; guidelines for rent stabilized apartments.

Tenant Net: Information on tenant issues and legal information. Links to tenant organizations and government agencies.

Tenants' Rights Guide: Published by the New York State Attorney General.

Housing Court Answers: Information about what happens in Housing Court, a Glossary of Legal Terms, and a Legal Help Guide. Also includes information about Roommate Issues and Tenant Rights.

NYSHCR: New York State Homes and Community Renewal. New York State's housing agency. Click on "Rent Administration" for information on rent regulated apartments.

NYCHPD: New York City Housing Preservation & Development: New York City's housing agency. Information on affordable housing, landlord/tenant issues and housing complaints.

Just Fix NYC: A free service that helps New Yorkers get repairs in their homes through easy-to-use tools. They will work with you to document your issues, know your rights, and take action.

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Avoiding or Reporting Scams

Avoiding Scams in your Apartment Search: An article with tips from Brick Underground.

Avoiding Scams in Your Roommate Search: An article about avoiding roommate scams in NYC from Brick Underground.

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): On this Federal Bureau of Investigation site, read about fraud alerts and crime prevention tips, or file a complaint if you've had an incident with a scammer.

Federal Trade Commission Complaints: A site where consumers can file complaints to help the FTC detect patterns of fraud and abuse.

Better Business Bureau: A consumer site with tips about avoiding scams. You can file a complaint or report a scam.

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Rental Market Reports

Neighborhood Information

Newspaper Columns on Neighborhoods:

Columbia's Office of Work/Life Information & Referral Service

Work/Life Information & Referral Service 

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Temporary Housing Options

Work/Life Temporary Housing Options 

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