How to Apply

Applying for Columbia Residential

The Fall 2018 Housing Application is currently CLOSED. For information on housing eligibility, the application and approval processes, the waitlist, moving in, and more, see Housing Essentials.

Important Dates 

September 10 Fall 2018 waitlist closed
October 1 Spring 2019 application opens
November 1 - December 14 Schools make housing approval decisions
December 17 Spring 2019 waitlist begins
January 25 Spring 2019 application closes
February 15 Spring 2019 waitlist closes

 Sign-Up Code: In order to log in to the Housing Portal and apply for housing, you will need to obtain a sign-up code. You will also need your PID number (Cxxxxxxxxx) in order to access the portal. 

  • New Students: Housing applications instructions are typically sent with acceptance materials, along with your PID number. If you do not have a sign-up code, you can obtain one from the Housing Liaison of your school.
  • Continuing Students: If you are a continuing student not already in housing, you can obtain the sign-up code from either your Housing Liaison or by contacting Columbia Residential. Your PID number can be found by logging into SSOL.

2. Create an account through My Housing Portal, log in, and apply for housing.

  • You will be able to monitor the status of your housing application, and update it as needed through My Housing Portal.
  • Review Types of Accommodations before completing application. 

Additional Information

Maximum of Two Applications Considered per Semester: If you receive a housing offer and decline it or it expires, you may submit one more application to be considered a second time. Subsequent applications will not be considered. 

Incomplete or Inaccurate Applications: Incomplete or inaccurate applications cannot be forwarded to your school for consideration. We will contact you for correction or completion, which may delay the review process.

Disability Services: Accommodations are provided for students whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to live in Columbia's traditional housing units. Students must follow the University's Disability Housing Accommodations Procedures & Guidelines. For information, see Housing Essentials.

International House: If you are interested in applying for International House (I-House) through Columbia Residential, you must ALSO complete the I-House application. See this section of our site for more information. 

Security: In order to insure proper security and confidentiality, the Housing Portal is located on a secure server. All the data submitted through the portal is encrypted for maximum protection from anyone trying to intercept this information.