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Moving Out


Failure to provide proper and timely notice of your move out may cause you to continue to remain liable for payment of rent or cancellation fees. You are billed until all personal items are removed and keys are returned to your superintendent.

Important Instructions

Additional Information

Moving Hours

Move outs should be scheduled during business hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM (excluding holidays). Please note, move outs that happen outside of business hours will result in a charge of $50 per hour (2-hour minimum). Keys must be returned to your superintendent during their business hours, or outside of those hours using the Express Move-out option.

Express Move-out

Express Move-out allows vacating students the option to return keys outside of building staff working hours, at a time that is convenient for you.

Keep in mind that all move-out guidelines must be followed even if you choose the Express Move-out option. Furniture and other large items must be moved during above-listed moving hours. Students who vacate using the Express Move-out option waive the right to appeal any charges that may be applied due to failure to properly vacate.

Once you have removed your belongings from your unit and are ready to return keys, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the Express Move-out key-return box located in the lobby of 419 West 119th Street, directly to the right of the door attendant's office
  • Fill out the top portion of the Express Move-out envelope
  • Remove keys from the key ring, place all keys inside the completed envelope and seal it. Fill out and use multiple envelopes if all keys cannot fit into one envelope
  • Remove the yellow portion of the envelope and keep it for your records
  • Place the sealed envelope in the Express Move-out box


Inspections & Damages

If you would like to schedule an inspection of your unit before you move out, please contact your superintendent directly. For more information about possible charges for damage beyond normal wear and tear, please review Caring for Unit, Damage & Vandalism.


If you are transferring from one Columbia Residential unit to another, we will create a move out notice on your behalf; you do not need to create one yourself.

You will receive the keys for the new unit on the day you sign your new housing agreement, and you will have until 4pm on the following business day to remove your belongings from the previous unit and return the keys to the superintendent.

Billing for the previous unit will end on that date, and billing for the new unit will begin on the following day.

Security Deposits

If you live in an SFS-billed unit, the reservation fee you paid to accept your housing offer was credited to your student account when you moved in. If you paid a security deposit for a leased unit, it will be refunded in accordance with the terms of your lease and mailed to your forwarding address 6-8 weeks after you move out. 

Reapplying for Housing

If you would like to apply for housing in the future, you must submit a new application through the Housing Portal. Kindly note, housing is not guaranteed. 

Overstays & Failure to Move Out

Residents who overstay their housing agreement or fail to move out by their required move-out date may be charged a $1000 fee for overstaying. Additionally, the University may commence legal proceedings if a resident remains in housing beyond their required move-out date.