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The 2018-19 season is now closed due to lack of immediate availability. All applications currently on file will be deactivated, and the transfer application will re-open on August 16. Transfer applications do not roll over, and those eligible to transfer during the 2019-20 academic year may submit a new transfer application on or after that date.

Students living in Columbia housing may request to transfer by submitting an application on the Housing Portal. Transfer approvals cannot be guaranteed and are dependent on eligibility, priority, and availability of housing.

Transfer requests are evaluated on a rolling basis between September 15 and May 15, availability permitting. Applications received outside of these dates will be evaluated only as units become available. 

Transfer Types

General Transfer
For students in Columbia Residential who would like to move to another apartment or room. Transfer must be completed within one week of unit's availability. Students who received housing through the waitlist are not eligible.

Direct Transfer (formerly Room to Room)
For a student in Columbia Residential who wishes to move in with a friend who has a vacant room in their apartment share, or to a vacant room in their current dorm suite. You will need to indicate the address and room number on the transfer application. Note that rooms must be taken as-is -- rooms will not be painted or cleaned. Direct transfers must be approved by residents who live in the requested apartment, and transfers must be completed within 48 business hours of the room becoming available. Students approved for a Direct transfer must be present to complete the transfer. Students who received housing through the waitlist are not eligible.

Group Transfer 
For two or three single students in Columbia Residential who would like to transfer together into a new apartment share. All group members must submit an application listing their preferred roommates. Kindly note, availability for group transfers is very limited. If a group transfer is approved and one or more students choose not to accept their transfer offer, the transfer will be denied for all group members. Transfer must be completed within one week of unit's availability. Students who received housing through the waitlist are not eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

Columbia Residential Columbia Residential
Law School Housing  Law School Housing 
General Studies Housing General Studies Housing 
International House 

May Only *Law students ineligible 

Bayit Ineligible 

To be eligible to transfer, a student must:

  • Be a current resident in Columbia Residential.
  • Be a full-time student with at least one additional year of eligibility for housing.  *Direct Transfers only*: Applicants for a direct transfer within resident's own apartment share or dorm suite with more than one full semester (fall or spring only) of housing eligibility remaining, may be considered.
  • Be in good standing with Student Financial Services.
  • If approved to transfer, must complete move within one week of unit's availability. Unit availability will be listed on the unit list.
    *Direct transfers must be completed within 48 hours of unit's availability.
  • If approved to transfer into couple or family housing, must comply with the terms and sign the Housing Compliance form. Due to the limited availability of couple and family units, priority is determined based on length of time in housing and the reason for transfer.
  • Kindly note, students who were approved for housing by their schools receive priority to transfer over students who received housing through the waitlist. Students who received housing through the waitlist are not eligible to transfer.


Transfers are prioritized according to the following factors (click image to enlarge): 


Approval Notification: Sent by email; please make sure to add and as safe senders to receive transfer approval messages. Notification will include instructions on how to participate in unit selection the following day.

Unit Selection: A selection form and a list of available units will be sent to approved students at 11 AM. Responses must be submitted before 3 PM using the selection form. Email responses will not be accepted. Participants may submit only one response using their email address. Note that multiple students will have access to the form at one time, and units will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. All responses must be received by 3 PM to be considered.

Assignments: Transfer assignments will be sent by 5 PM on the date of unit selection. Offers will expire the following day at 11:59 PM. Students who receive a transfer offer but do not accept the offer within the time allotted may remain in their current unit. Those whose offers are declined or expire will not be eligible for a transfer until the following semester. Those who choose to move out of Columbia Residential may face a cancellation fee.

Viewing the Transfer Offer: If the assigned unit is vacant, students may be able to view the unit on weekdays between 9-11:30 AM and 1-3:30 PM. Please contact us to find out if the unit is viewable, and pick up a viewing slip at the Columbia Residential office on the date of viewing.

Accepting the Transfer Offer: Log into the housing portal to accept the offer and choose a move in date. If you decide to transfer your room/apartment may be shown to others approved to transfer. We ask that you keep the apartment and your room clean. The unit will be shown by building staff, and you do not need to be at home.

Signing the Housing Agreement: Agreement will be sent one week prior to move in and must be signed through DocuSign.

Vacate Previous Unit: Approved transfers must be completed immediately once the transfer unit is available. The unit's availability will be indicated in the unit list.

Columbia Residential will create a move out notice on your behalf. You will receive the keys for the new unit on your move in date, and you will have until 4 PM on the following business day to remove your belongings from the previous unit and return the keys to the superintendent. Billing for the previous unit will end on the date you return keys, and billing for the new unit will begin on the following day.