For Current Parkers

General Policies & Procedures

  • Parking is limited to the registered parker and vehicle of record only.  No subleasing of parking space is permitted.  Parkers are issued a parking sticker that is to be placed on the back of the driver's side part of the rear-view mirror.
  • Parkers on a University approved leave may suspend their parking privileges upon written notice to the CU Office of Residential Finance and Parking.  Supporting documentation must be provided.
  • Parkers who terminate their affiliation with the University are not eligible for parking and must relinquish their space no later than the end of the month in which they cease to be affiliated with the University.
  • Changes in address and other updates of information must be given to the CUF Office of Residential Finance and Parking.  Parking assignments are subject to re-evaluation by the University Parking Committee when there is a change of address.
  • Parkers who use more than one vehicle must state so on their initial application and must submit a copy of the second vehicle's registration with their application.  
  • Commuter parkers who wish to carpool must apply to the University Parking Committee.  All carpooling vehicles must be registered and will be issued parking stickers with the same number.  
  • Only one registered vehicle will be allowed in the parking facilities on any given day.  
  • Parkers who change vehicles or add new vehicles must register them with the CUF Office of Residential Finance and Parking and receive a new sticker for the vehicle.  Non registered vehicles are subject to booting.
  • The University reserves the right to refuse admittance to the parking facility or place a boot on any vehicle that is not the vehicle of record or is a parker's second car (including car pools) if his/her primary vehicle of record is also parked in the lot.  There is a $200 cash fee to remove the boot.
  • The University reserves the right to refuse admittance to the parking facilities to anyone who does not possess a parking sticker on the reverse side of their rear view mirror.
  • Parkers who wish to cancel their parking account must do so in writing (email is fine) at least 30 days in advance of the requested termination date.  Charges apply through the termination date and will be prorated accordingly. In no event will retroactive credit be granted should parker fail to provide advance written notification to the CUF Office of Residential Finance and Parking of termination.
  • Parkers who falsify their applications, allow others to use their stickers or card access, park more than one vehicle in the lot or use their space for long term vehicle storage, will have parking privileges revoked.
  • Parkers whose accounts are 90 days past due are subject to termination of thier parking privileges.
  • Commuter parkers approved for part-time parking can only park on the days indicated on their application.  To change the days, parkers must submit their request in writing for approval.   If an additional day is needed during any given week for University business, contact the CUF Office of Residential Finance and Parking for daily parking at $15 per day.
  • Parkers must provide copies of vehicle registrations on a semi-annual basis when requested by the CUF Office of Residential Finance and Parking. 
  • Neither the University nor its contracted garage managment firm(s) assume any responsibility for self-parked cars.  For vehicles valet-parked, the University assumes no responsibility for removable radios and other equipment and personal items left in the vehicle.  All damage claims must be reported to the garage manager or attendant on duty by the parker before exiting the lot. 
  • The University does not provide insurance for individual vehicle owners and accepts no responsibility for vandalism, theft, malicious mischief, and other damage not caused by University parking attendants.

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Paying for Parking

  • 24-hour and commuter parkers must pay charges via payroll deduction.
  • A parking deposit is required for 24-hour and commuter parkers.  The deposit is refunded upon vacancy notification.
  • Adjunct faculty and students must pay the parking fee in full when submitting their applications.  No parking deposit is required.
  • Summer parkers must pay in advance or via payroll deductions
  • Parkers whose fees are paid by a University department must provide an authorized Departmental Paid Parking Fees Authorization Form. Non-qualified parking paid by a department may be considered to be a taxable benefit under IRS regulations; please see IRS Publication 15-B for more information.
  • Personal payments must be made by check or money order payable to Columbia University.  For parking rates, click here.

    Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption

    Parking rates include 18.375% total parking taxes comprised of 8% New York City tax and 10.375% New York State tax.  Parkers who are Manhattan residents may be eligible for an exemption from the 8% New York City parking tax. Applications (both an online version and a mail-in form) are available from the NYC Department of Finance.  Upon approval, a Parking Tax Exemption Certificate will be mailed to you by the Department of Finance. Please send a copy of the Parking Operator's Certificate to the Parking Office by mail, email, or fax (see Contact Us page). Please note that the certificate has an expiration no later than two years from issuance, dependent on the application date (all certificates expire on August 31st). As per Department of Finance policy, you must apply for renewals- you should receive a reminder notice from DOF, but please note that the Parking Office cannot apply on your behalf and is required to collect the additional tax if a renewal certificate is not submitted. Please see the Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption Brochure for details. There is no exemption available from the 10.375% New York State parking tax.

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