Summer Commuter Parking Application - 2018

Summer Commuter Parking Application

Summer commuter parking is available from June 1st through August 31st for all University affiliates who reside outside of Manhattan.  Limited parking may be available immediately following Commencement. Students must be currently enrolled in classes and must provide a copy of a class schedule.

Parking is assigned, based upon availability, in the IAB garage located on West 118th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive or the Engineering Terrace Garage located at Amsterdam Avenue and West 119th Street.

Summer Semester 2018 Parking Fees

Tag Deposit: $50 (new parkers only)

Faculty and Staff Eligible for Payroll Deduction
Monthly charge of $228.17 (deductions prorated by paycheck period)

Students and Others Not Eligible for Payroll Deduction
For those not eligible for payroll deduction, full payment for the summer period must be made by check payable to Columbia University prior to beginning parking.

Full-time parking: $684.50 (3 months at $228.17/month)

Part-time parking: 3 days/week- $512.27, 2 days/week- $373.41, 1 day/week- $241.84

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