How Can We Help?

Facilities staff provides hundreds of services ranging from event setup and cleanup to painting and locksmith services. Find the service you need by viewing our list of services as well as our service rates. To request a service: 

  • Call the Facilities Services Center at (212) 854-2222 

    *In order to ensure prompt service and maintain safety, please submit urgent and time-sensitive requests by phone.                  
  • Submit a request online, by clicking here   

If you've already requested a service, you can track your work order by clicking here

For larger, capital projects, please visit our Construction and Renovations section of this site.

To contact a Building Representative, please click here.

Standard Response and Completion Times

  • Emergency: respond within 30 minutes from receipt; completion in time required to arrest emergency
  • Urgent: respond within two hours from receipt; completion within 48 hours
  • Routine: completion within 45 days (Does not include work scheduled to be done at a future time at the user group's request.)

Additional Services 

  • For renovations or space changes, please fill out our Project Request form.

  • If you'd like to rent a space, click here.